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Martin J. A. Claridge


I have been a customer with Strings Universal for approximately three years and in all of those three years, on every occasion, my expectations have always been exceeded.

Despite Strings Universal being a world-wide Company, whenever I’m called, or I call, I’m made to feel special, as though I am the only customer.

Both Nikky Davis and Sarah Edwards are extremely helpful, friendly and extremely polite as well as maintaining a professional standard.

I am full of admiration for their attention that they take and for their dedication in taking time out of their busy schedules to enquire about my well-being.

The supplements, METHI ++, VIVID ++ are boosting my general health, whilst the EPSILON drink, despite having the appearance of Engine Oil, has a very pleasant taste and quickly dispels any feelings of lethargy that I may have.

My grateful thanks, as always

Best wishes,

Martin J. A. Claridge

Graham Thiele

I am sending this unqualified letter of appreciation to your company and of course your own personal support of me throughout this process of trying to rectify the mess that I have unfortunately allowed to occur.

Strings Universal is an Organisation of the utmost integrity as is the staff that work for them and with them to provide the best care and support to all their clients. All the products supplied to me personally have been of the highest quality and I am more than satisfied with the results that have been achieved

Yours Sincerely,

Graham Thiele

Margaret Mangelsdorf

It is now three years since I became a customer of Strings Universal. How time flies.

During that period I have always been very happy with the advice and service I have received and Chris is always cheery and very helpful Best wishes